🎺 the new `abra` stable (v0.4.x series) is finally out 🎺 this is the final alpha series before beta 🀯 you can run `abra upgrade` to get the latest copy of `abra`. There are migration docs for this release, some stuff has changed: docs.coopcloud.tech/abra/upgra. "stable" doesn't guarantee a bug free experience πŸ™ƒ, we're still in alpha, but we think the interface churn is coming to and end now! If you run into any issues, please report git.coopcloud.tech/coop-cloud/ 😎 Thanks for your testing efforts! Enjoy πŸ’“

annnnd there is a patch release fixing two critical bugs, thanks for testing / fixed all, "abra upgrade" to get the latest 🀞


contrary to all previous logic we have a new release out then πŸ™ƒ "abra upgrade" will get you latest, this is part of pushing out the new recipe catalogue πŸš€ docs.coopcloud.tech/abra/upgra

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