What term best describes when software corps pull features from their free version and force you to pay for them? Especially the case where they take community contributions and put them behind a paywall? "Treehousing" evokes the idea of building a treehouse together but when youre down below, they pull up the ladder on you. "Gangplanking" is perhaps more self-describing ;) other ideas welcome! inspired by @dumpsterqueer and @handle

@aaaaargZombies @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle yep, enclosing is the term for it, referring to the very old ways power is emptying the commons to genervte private property.

@coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle

“software extractivism”...?
It needs to convey the idea of exploiting the community and privatising the commons as a resource to burn for profit.
A bit dry, sorry, I’m not much of a poet! 😄

@stragu @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle I much prefer software extractionism, software enclosure, or even just paywalling or extortion. The issue with treehousing is that it sounds fun and gangplanking to me sounds like it's being done by a collective... And it's us who should make them "walk the plank!" 🏴‍☠️

@calum @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle I agree with how the two proposed terms are not clear enough in what they are meant to convey...
As a variation on my proposed term, it could be extended to "community extractivism" or "commons extractivism" to not restrict it to code, as that also affects other aspects that take a lot of effort to build, like documentation, community building, quality assurance and training material.
But you did ask specifically about features, so feel free to ignore :)

@stragu @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle I like this term, I guess the difference with "enclosure" is that extractivism implies exploiting a commons "to extract its resources", whilst enclosure implies destroying it?

I didn't realise that the term "extractivism" already exists but it's a nice word... it's actively descriptive of the ideology involved while doing it I think.. which might be rare for mainstream words describing capitalism!

@stragu @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle I think I see that the "product" being extracted is the focus of extractivism as well, in relation to the community who have been dispossessed.. where enclosure is still valid here but the focus is on the part of the commons (codebase) which has been paywalled... so I dunno in my opinion it might be more emotive and less dry than you first thought!

What we're describing here is also theft!

@calum yeah I have the same issues. I don't think trees or pirates would pull this shit! My heart years for something as cutting as "our incredible journey" though

@coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle to be expected? I don't understand why people expect or want free stuff from companies designed for profit. The profit will always have to come from somewhere. I don't blame them for being what they are.

@ntnsndr @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle the crow expects the kite to hunt it's young and yet when it does they still act against it? I don't think the suggestion is to hate or rage unnecessarily, but we should take collective action

@ntnsndr not all profit-seeking companies are equally bad tho.

Calling it "treehousing" temporarily (agreeing that's not a perfect term tho):

Wordpress/Automattic: almost 0 treehousing. Basically all features and docs available publicly.

Nextcloud: treehoused a bunch of the advanced set-up docs, but I'm not aware of features.

Traefik/Rocketchat: treehoused crucial features (multi-node ingress, and advanced SSO, respectively)

Portainer: treehoused a feature that the community had written 🤯

@kawaiipunk @handle @ntnsndr yeah wordpress is like a kind of ‘freemium’ open source software (to my mind anyway)

@vidak @ntnsndr @handle gang housing is when like you're offered a place to live but then the landlord is a total evil tyrant

@kawaiipunk I dunno if having a paid hosted service is treeplanking to me, you can install plugins in the open source version fine...

@handle its the lock in though. They're enclosing the libre version with their extended bullshit.

@coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle Let’s not think of some cutsie, newspeak term which obscures the act and call it what it is: theft.

Especially when a company is close sourcing a community created thing which people volunteered their time to.

another suggestion:

drawbridging 🏰

👉 similar historical vibes to "enclosing", but more visual
👉 castles = feudalism/monarchism = bogus, outdated
👉 "the drawbridge was there all along?" 😱
👉 after they pull up the drawbridge there's a strong chance they're gonna fire arrows at you

"theft" & "paywalling" & "enclosure" all seem like good terms for specific situations, wouldn't underestimate having a humourous one too tho..

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