Hi all! We're the folks behind Co-op Cloud (coopcloud.tech), a project which aims to build out a digital configuration commons for tech co-ops and democratic tech collectives. Our approach aims to maximise sharing, co-operation and reuse for setting up and maintaining libre software infrastructure. We have a public matrix room at `:autonomic.zone`, feel welcome! The project is currently in public alpha and super young ☁️ 🎩 💻

@coopcloud Hi, interesting.
traceroute coopcloud.tech
Is it reselling Hetzner then?

Why Currently x86 only?
Because in small tech there is a lot of ARM at work and plans for Risc-V...

Are you based in Birmingham, UK?


@gert 👋 the "who" of Co-op Cloud is mostly Autonomic right now (autonomic.zone) as we initiated the project but we are in the process of working on a shared governance. Autonomic is legally registered in Birmingham but we have 12 members located around the world 1/2

@gert Autonomic makes use of Hetzner but the project aims to be compatible with most mainstream infrastructure providers and support co-op owned and run infrastructure (more on that soon...). Co-op Cloud should be compatible with what tech co-ops/collectives use, so the project does not favour any single provider. And for ARM support, thanks for noticing, I updated the FAQ with more info docs.coopcloud.tech/faq/#why-o 2/2

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