Have you heard of repair cafes, local meeting places where people come together to fix stuff that would otherwise end up as ? According to there are more than 1,500 repair cafes world-wide -- a growing, noncommercial global movement.

This article in The Guardian from last month gives a good introduction: "Can we fix it? The repair cafes waging war on throwaway culture"

@constructivejournalism @kaniini I had the privilege of working with these people for several years and they are still doing it

@constructivejournalism Community repair is awesome. Loads of social and environment benefits simply from getting people together in a room and fixing things.

Shoutout also to, an alliance of community repair orgs around the world (including Repair Cafe Foundation).

(disclaimer: I work for The Restart Project :)

@mayel Yes! Definitely! What's the best way to chat? Feel free to drop me a email ( neil at therestartproject dot org )

@constructivejournalism oh, that's awesome! In Kotka, Finland they have a place for bike repair, teens use it a lot and older folks help them and manage the place. I took or bought a cart for my bike from them as far as I remember and they helped me to attach it. Super cool.

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