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This project is so freaking cool >>

"Solar Protocol is a website hosted across network of solar-powered servers, stewarded by volunteers across the world. The website is served from whichever server is enjoying the most sunshine." 🌞

Hang out with the COMPOST crew tomorrow -- 11 am PT / 2pm ET / 18 UTC. We’ll hear a few short readings from Issue 01, do some Q&A, then share stories about when the web felt magical to us.

Come by, it'll be super laid back.

"The resulting monocrop condition of our network infrastructures do not provide an easy ground for peer-to-peer technologies to flourish.

Peer-to-peer protocol biodiversity is dosed with weed killer, while the client-server monocrop is fertilized."

Have you had experiences on the web that bring you hope?

We'd love to hear more stories of connection and becoming on the web, and other anecdotes that resonate with our first issue.

To share them at our release party, sign up here:

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We're having our Issue 01 Release Party this weekend!

We'll have readings and Q&A with authors, as well as an open-mic-style storytelling session about how we've found connection and becoming on the web.

Sat March 27 2pm ET/18 UTC. More details + registration:

Our small three-person team has been building this project for the past 1.5 years.

We tried to apply what we've learned from the digital rights, copyleft, FOSS, community network, and commoning spaces we have experience in, and apply those lessons to build new digital tools and creative works rooted in solidarity and equity. 🍄

In the Salt of the Cosmos, Tal Milovina frolicks through lithium powered spaces unraveling a regime intent on determining normality and value.

It’s a powerful piece examining values of progress and stability, across geopolitics to mental health.

What are intimate datasets? Instead of being anonymized and sanitized, intimate data can retain its sense of history and authorship.

Read AC Gillette on the poetics, ethics, and value of intimate data.

We give so much of ourselves online, and yet all of our data is held by data centers to be cut up and commodified.

What would it be like to own our networks, to make sacred the servers that hold our data?

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Ooh this is right up my alley: rebuilding the digital commons,

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Bookmarked: COMPOST Even as existing digital infrastructure fails to embolden truth or bring people together, we are hopeful. In Fertile Grounds we explore how our decaying web can help new networks flourish.

This debut issue of COMPOST magazine features writing and art about technologies, protocols, and communities that enable authentic and trustful connections.

Our first issue shows the web’s potential to redistribute power and interoperate with other regenerative human systems.

They also challenge universalist views of technology, how locally-situated networks can give voice and agency to the marginalized.

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Super excited to see that @compost magazine's first issue is out!

Dispatches from the digital commons!

And they're here on!

ISSUE 01: Fertile Grounds has arrived! Our first issue contains eight creative pieces and a series of kaoani inspired animated GIFs. You can read it on the World Wide Web here >>

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Hello! Happy to be joining the fediverse as a member of 👋 🍄

We're a new magazine about the digital commons. We're a pilot for an open source tool called Distributed.Press, to publish works to multiple WWW/DWeb endpoints.

Check out our Call for Pitches, open until Dec 8:

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