A gentle choose-your-own-adventure story by Celine Nguyen about mushroom foraging, the weight of Indigenous history, and sustaining online community.

What happens when an online forum absorbs you into greater intimacy with nature and digital connection?

@compost I was looking through your magazine this morning and came across this thing. I thought it was some kind of article and was very surprised to find out that it was an interactive story! I spent more than an hour on it and was very VERY engaged. Thank you!

@teawithfir thank you for sharing this story! We love to hear how readers think of our pieces. I've forwarded your note on to the author :)

@compost This was a very fun read, thank you!
My parents only pick a few kinds of mushrooms, not wishing to risk anything else. But even so, it is always a delight to go foraging with them, to be in the nature for a little while -- and of course, eating what we find is even better!
That's one of the things I'll definitely miss when I move out. I'd love to get into this lifestyle myself, but ... being blind means I'd be lucky to even find anything, much more so if it was safe to eat. Perhaps one day I'll have a friend or partner who won't mind me uselessly tagging along.
But I could at least find myself in the moderation parts; that's something I can do, and have been doing more or less decently for a couple years. Making the internet a nicer place, one action at a time.

@Mayana thank you for this lovely note, and for doing what you do to make the internet a nicer place. <3

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