We currently only have our budget secured for our next issue (out in August 👀 ).

So we're boosting our Digital Bake Sale! The best way to support us is with a recurring subscription — that helps us make projections about our financial sustainability. 💫

Why a Digital Bake Sale? We’re experimenting with funding goals, a la Patreon, but based on financial transparency & sustainability of the collective instead of an individual creator.

To do this we use @opencollect, a platform we're deeply aligned with: opencollective.com/compost

We believe dedicated readerships can directly sustain small alternative publications, without relationships being mediated by the usual suspects.

The funds will go to our contributors, design and web development contractors, and the core team of this project, Mai, Ben, & Udit.


We have fundraising goals for monthly paying subscribers or one-time donations, which we decided with our Issue 01 contributors.

The one we’re most excited about is to make **physical stickers** of Angelica’s kaoani anigifs from Issue 01!

If we meet our next goal, we’ll make COMPOST posters!

Our other goals are to create a web ring with sites of allied projects, and to host a micro-conference about solidarity-based tech, online publishing, and supporting artists on the internet. one.compost.digital/support-us

If you’d prefer to donate cryptocurrency to support us, you can donate to compostmag.eth or through Gitcoin

If you enjoyed our first issue and believe in what we’re doing, please become a subscriber!

We’d love to keep this project going and know that we have you, our community, backing us. ❤️🕸️ opencollective.com/compost

@compost love this. we talked about a webring with Possible Futures as great old tyme decentralized web organizing. hope to be a part 😁 💍 @clayton possiblefutures.tech/

@colombene @compost yes!!! in fact there is an existing webring each of our projects might want to apply to :)


@compost Wait, what, how can I make sure I get these stickers?

@despens If you become a subscriber we'll send you the stickers when they become available! opencollective.com/compost

We're expecting them to be ready in August. 🌻

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