As an open source project ourselves, we recognize the immense amount of hidden labour that goes into public-benefit projects.

It’s crucial for free + open source tech projects to be mutually supportive of each other — this is the basis for a healthy digital commons. 🕸️ 💗

So we're *backing our stack* today, naming and contributing to some of the free software that makes COMPOST possible.

First up — we rely on Meet.Coop for our videoconferencing needs with Big Blue Button. Donate to this co-op alternative to Zoom >>

Our newsletter uses GNU Mailman hosted at It’s old school but it’s solid and it works.

@ephemeral I totally agree to your compost boost.

And that reminds me: Though I'd love to I can't subscribe to your peertube feeds, myself having an account on, which isn't specialized in anything for one, however also blocks a lot of anti-human content on the positive side (for me).
I am near sending them a complaint, but then it might just be a software issue. Where is the mutual support in that? In any case much respect to your work.


I really admire COMPOST and their work. And thank you too for the kind words - I appreciate your feed and feedback on here too.

Interesting about Peertube. I haven't had much communication with the mod but will bring that up - I do find Peertube a little glitchy at times but also an amazing service considering the scope of what it tries to do. I'll update you on that when I find out.

@ephemeral Thank you, th only reason i asked was, that i hoped to be updated automatically - and show my support in any case.

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