Our small three-person team has been building this project for the past 1.5 years.

We tried to apply what we've learned from the digital rights, copyleft, FOSS, community network, and commoning spaces we have experience in, and apply those lessons to build new digital tools and creative works rooted in solidarity and equity. 🍄

@compost Post an announcement if you guys ever set up an RSS feed!

@compost This is impressive work! I'm enjoying reading this #zine

@compost I'm IPFS pinning every page of it 👍 Which pinning service did you use for distributing on IPFS?

@johanbove We use our own :D

We built this DWeb publishing tool and run it on Hypha's servers. We'll be sharing a lot more about our publishing infrastructure soon!

Here's the full Issue One CID, but that'll change once we make some small revisions on the website. Keeping revision history is one reason for IPFS, so pin away!

❯❯❯ dig TXT +short

@compost Nothing but awesomeness coming from you and the team. Checking out now.

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