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Etude de la plante : son application aux industries d'art (Study of the plant: its application to the art industries) by M.P. Verneuil 1903. Art Nouveau style illustrations of plants

My young house-nerd self marvels at the tech of innerweb 360º architecture tours and documentation. 1938 Gropius house in Lincoln, MA

coolest song I've heard about zazen... "The Meditation" by TNT Band, 1969

Launching Possible Futures today with @clayton - a blog cataloging movement towards ethics, social responsibility and systemic change in tech, design and culture. We share some of the inspiring (and critical) stuff we find by people redefining :futuristic: for the better. The first issue is on Workplace Democracy...

And we ran out of Repair Shop. Still got a few Worn Stories.

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Oy, that Endeavour show is not good yet we keep watching it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess it can’t all be No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

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For this week’s episode I spoke to Emaline Friedman. She's an activist for the Commons Engine, part of Holochain, a social critic and theorist, has a PhD in psychology, a writer for Mad In America, a researcher at GCAS, and author of a recent book on Internet Addiction.

During the interview we talk about her research for her new book at the intersection of psychology, big data on social media platforms, and how it all brought her to and the Commons Engine.

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We have to change our mindset away from being just critiquers. It's not okay just to say the 10 things in 140 characters that are wrong with the world. Be a grownup and start to organize, especially with people you don't always like. -, author of Mutualism

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Our small three-person team has been building this project for the past 1.5 years.

We tried to apply what we've learned from the digital rights, copyleft, FOSS, community network, and commoning spaces we have experience in, and apply those lessons to build new digital tools and creative works rooted in solidarity and equity. 🍄

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"Techies think distributed architecture leads to distributed power. But complexity makes users dependent on middle men. Social networks beat blogs because web hosting is too hard for most people. The path to decentralization is not distributed consensus algorithms it’s simplicity"


has a vision and plan for . We're taking a holistic approach toward building a cooperative, community-based, ethical development. SEND A MESSAGE at - tell the sellers you support DC! (1/4)


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I just published a delightful conversation with @FreeScholar. She shares her experiences with @agaric, cooperativism, free software, and much more.

Listen and/or read here:


. @iFixit joining @uspirg and @RepairCoalition for the first annual CES Worst in Show Awards. Join our judges as they discuss their picks for the the least secure, safe, repairable, and eco-friendly gadgets at this Friday at 9am PT:

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I'm starting a series of interviews with co-op folks, to learn about their stories and the stories of their cooperatives.

My first convo is with, talking about his experiences with and

Listen and read here:


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