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On December 7th at 5PM PT, @anaulin and @colombene are hosting a #zinccoop

Community Huddle! If you're interested in co-conspiring with us; we'd love to get to meet you!

DM me the email address you want an invite sent to, and I'll add you to the invite!

- ZS

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...You have to let the material tell you what to do and sink into that world. That will tell you ALL the things to do. - David Lynch

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It’s a dangerous thing not to have enough knowledge of what’s gone before. But it’s a dangerous thing to have too much knowledge of what other people have done. Pretty soon you can’t do anything because they say “that’s already been done”. And you say, “I can’t think of anything new I might as well just stop because everything I do I know where I got it and I know who did it.” And you can’t work, you can’t think like that.

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Ahoy! #ZincCoop is considering offering a bi-weekly co-learning session where we focus on:

A) Front-end development (JS, CSS, Web Components)
B) Back-end development (Rails, SRE stuff)
C) Tech Writing + Documentation (Code docs, user guides, etc)

Which would you attend?

#WorkLog | #ZincCoop | #LearnLog

(Boosts welcome!)

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come to this thing tomorrow if you wanna listen to some thot leaders talk about self-management

free, but you need to RSVP

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One of our "learning goals" at #ZincCoop is understanding how to perform low-cost product research; one technique of which is Conjoint Analysis; which is a nifty way to evaluate what hypothetical buying decisions a theoretical customer may (or may not) make.

We're doing one on the "Video Communication" industry at the moment as part of our research for #Convene, and I'd be stoked if folks could run through it in good faith, then critique it for us?


Support Radix Media, a worker-owned union print shop in their graphics publishing kickstarter, ends in 3 days.

The Prodigal Techbro: The tech executive turned data justice warrior is celebrated as a truth-telling hero, but there’s something a bit too smooth about this narrative arc.

Meow Wolf workers (immersive/interactive experience shop) are organizing. Their website has info on how organizing can work for interdisciplinary creative workers

I wrote about "Designing for Longevity vs. Continuous Consumption" - lemme know what you think.

still waiting for the urban dictionary to add a thesaurus

Interesting talks from Architecture Lobby, Another Possible Imaginary and more - "Organizing as Architectural Labor"

Solidarity Club is reading Entreprecariat by Silvio Lorusso. If you wanna too, join us Wed. 9/30 8p PT.

(subjective takeaways) Frictionless design and automation will inherently be devoid of ethics, but also pleasure. It is empty for the privileged and horrifying for the marginalized. Pleasure gets attacked on both sides. It is too inefficient for capitalists but gets co-opted by them for profit. That is then cancelled by critics.

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