“Don’t think of movement work as protest, think of it as imagination. What is the world you want to see?” - Alfredo Lopez, May First Movement Technology

techisnotneutral.com/ Tech companies develop and sell systems that turn neighbors against one another, wreak havoc on workers’ lives, aid police brutality, and automate the surveillance of Black and brown communities.

design/labor conference going on now thru July 7… (How) do we (want to) work (together) (as (socially engaged) designers (students and neighbours)) in neoliberal times)?

@richdecibels this would seem to give the world to Amazon. is there a platform co-op to support local business.

@pluralistic Same with “women’s work" - raising kids, keeping the house going, tending to community & family relationships and needs, solving interpersonal problems. That plus poverty and you start to see why certain swaths of people get paid to do fun high-profile logic puzzles or craft projects all day and others don’t.

@clayton I've started documenting ideas for post-capitalist design/ux and hope there is a community of practice for this. not sure if/how this overlaps, but maybe?

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What changes might this pandemic write on our societies?

Authoritarian nightmare? 😷
Fully automated luxury queer space communism? 🍆

Join me and @RonanHarrington@twitter.com at this collective sensemaking event on the 20th and we'll work it out together: psychedelicsociety.org.uk/even

Book now!

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just started watching the PBS Manor House miniseries from 2002. it’s like stanford prison experiment for class hierarchy pbs.org/manorhouse/

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Beginning Thurs., 3/19, we will be opening both stores from 7am - 8am exclusively to serve customers who are over 65 or are part of our more vulnerable higher risk populations. We request customers not at high risk to wait until after 8am to shop. 🙏

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RT @jessica_roy@twitter.com: Hey, L.A.! Want to support a local business AND stop eating your quarantine food? We've got a list of some of the places around town offering takeout / delivery / curbside: latimes.com/food/story/2020-03

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