In this text I condensed my reflections on a few years of involvement in (graphic) #design and design education.


@entreprecariat I like your balanced vision of the Field. The ones best at being over/under-skilled individualists out the gate are often grifters. It seems to groom people for a meritocracy (exploit or deserve exploitation). The generalist director was traditionally someone older with lots of specialized and life experience to pull from who has cultivated holistic understandings. Grooming young students for that might make for insufferable elitists or crippling insecurity (or some mix).

thanks @colombene, I'm glad that to some extent you can relate to the text. Dutch design education is a bit of an exception I'd say, with its blatant politicality, which of course is good, but it comes at the expense of more minute and humble approaches.

@entreprecariat Though the politics seem identity-driven from your piece - based on individualism and biography, which is very familiar. I think neoliberalism is perhaps a sort of invisible OS for post-modernism that swept art + academia as they both rose in the 70s-90s. Along with individualist, "arty" design also become very market-compatible. The honeymoon ended with the rise of web 2.0 in the 2000s. The world got reduced to a screen and visual expression got small + atomized.

@entreprecariat So not sure if it’s what you’re talking about or totally different, but this recent CalArts exhibit shows both of these strains in a mutant nutshell:

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