I wrote another piece! This time, I consider what kinds of things might do here in Madison.


Excellent. I need to steal this list and do a version for Minneapolis.

For marketing, @FreeScholar is trying to connect people interested in being part of a distributed (maybe international even) marketing cooperative. Might help both efforts, if there isn't yet critical mass for one in Madison.

@mlncn @FreeScholar Glad you like it. Feel free to adapt as needed.

We'd love to have a marketing co-op -- that's why it's first on the list -- but I'm having trouble picturing a distributed marketing co-op. That seems to assume you couldn't find enough people in each city to have a local co-op. I would hope that you could, and that they could eventually form a network.


@Steve @mlncn @FreeScholar I’m I'm in LA, and there are certainly a lot of marketing companies but it’s the “co-op” idea that’s not common. Marketing is hyper-competitive as a regular business and can pay a lot. So finding talented co-workers with compatible skillsets and socially-minded clients patient and aware of co-op advantages isn’t as easy. In that sense, a support network might help upfront too.

@colombene @Steve @mlncn helping people to understand the benefits of cooperatives is a steep hill, but in this economy people are starting to understand 'value' vs 'money' and 'a steady job' vs 'work that supports the community'.

@FreeScholar @colombene @mlncn I'm signed up for the list, but is there a write-up of this marketing co-op idea anywhere that I could read?

@FreeScholar @colombene @mlncn Wow, this is excellent! I don't have either clients or workers to send your way, but if that changes, should I? Or is it too soon?

@Steve @colombene @mlncn Not too soon - send anyone that may be interested - even just to learn about the possibilities with Drutopia.

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