we don't intend to ever get very big. my dream is many many small coops, each tailored to their members' needs, collaborating with each other in networks of mutual aid and solidarity.

if you're considering starting a new enterprise i strongly encourage you to start a coop. if that's interesting please reach out to us! we're also giving a talk on the subject tonight at 7pm EST gamecenter.nyu.edu/event/nyu-g

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Please use full first contact protocols for newbies! You are going to have many many!

:-)nPlease treat me as an alien from outer space who has not a clue what all this means! I want to say goodbye to twitter, something I understand possibly millions want to. I really do not understand what people have posted! I am positive I am not the only person in thisposition!

And I have immediately found something that illustrates what I mean! This is classic jargon! “Social.Coop is a Mastodon instance plus Matrix chats, Loomio threads, and video conferences“

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This is about me :-) clivedurdle.wordpress.com/abou

I have moved from analogue to digital world. I am not feeling happy with how this all works! I have done the same things in several places and can’t understand why! I am trying to say good night to Facebook twitter and do not understand what the differences are between social coop and mastodon are!
. You feel techy!

I think it is very important to state real reactions to something because it might highlight an unrecognised issue!


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