My 11 year old son loves making mazes that are super complicated and near impossible to do.

He has just taken it to the next level with this work in progress.

@clhendricksbc that's intimidating to look at.

Also, is your son at all interested in computers? That looks like the start of a game developer, IMO.

@clhendricksbc @ajroach42 this is exactly how I started, back in the 80's. Never had the pushpins idea though. Smart kid.

@ImprobableIsland @ajroach42 Don’t know how he came up with the idea. Did it while in the after session childcare after a STEM day camp. Usually they just play games or watch videos. This wasn’t part of the camp itself.

@ajroach42 @ifixcoinops I’m happy to take suggestions! So far he mostly does Minecraft and a little coding on another platform but yeah, would love to nurture his skills and interests!

@clhendricksbc @ifixcoinops Roblox Studio might be worth looking in to.

Alternately, has lots of games available for free, all of which can be edited directly in the application.

@clhendricksbc I loved making elaborate mazes when I was a youngster, but that's an idea I never thought of!

@bstacey I hadn’t thought of it either, but then when I saw it I was like, oh yeah, that totally works. It’s hard to make, though. Have to make sure at least some of the lines match up for each side of the adjustable piece.

@clhendricksbc I made mazes that worked with a stack of trivia-question cards. If you entered a question box, the paths available to you depended on whether you got the question right or wrong.

@clhendricksbc I used to do that!! Although I never made an adjustible maze that's pretty cool

@popefucker I hadn’t thought of the adjustable maze idea before either. It was really creative of him!

Tell him to make those squares circles, and it will be totally doable for real :) Awesome work!

@clhendricksbc future video game designer there! you just need to put Yoshi in there and you've got it made!

@lauraritchie Good point! My family was thinking analogue equivalents but probably even better in digital format. Can do even more!

@clhendricksbc I say that's amazing! I used to do mazes like that too!

@dominicduffin1 Thanks! I was quite impressed with his idea for making his mazes even more complicated.

@clhendricksbc I keep thinking about this, a really spectacular idea! Well done him. If he's ever looking for inspiration, here's something he might enjoy:

@paralithode I was really impressed with his idea as well darned hard to create and actually then do the maze, but very creative!

And I love the maze at the link. Quite beautiful!

@clhendricksbc The is the MOST AWESOME thing I have ever seen.

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