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Aside from me mixing up timezones, the Writing for the Web presentation I gave went well. Here's the video for anyone interested.

and the slides

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Socialism demands an anti-racist world. It also demands the abolishment of police and any form of protection around private ownership and its protectors. Like the fact that capitalism and racism were more-or-less built at the same time by Europe and then America juiced it up should be enough to want to be done with it.

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Looking for inclusive, free and open source illustrations for your next project? CocoMaterial can be just what you need 😍

Hand-drawn by Esther Moreno, you can customize and download whole sets of images (svg & png) 🎨

More info:


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TX mutual aid 

Sharing #MutualAid resources for the state of #Texas

Funky Town Fridge is a community fridge project that aims to combat hunger, empower our communities, reduce food waste, and educate the city of #FortWorth

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Pretty much 4 years ago today, I said the following on my blog:

β€œI personally moved over to Bitwarden around 6 months ago, following the price rises by LastPass, as well as the fact that they had been purchased by LogMeIn – who have a proven track record of not treating their users very well.”

Kev in 2017 was a very, very wise man.

prolonged, collective grief 

The coping techniques that were mitigating my depression are working less.

This article was affirming to read. The length of the collective grief we're experiencing is a new terrain for many of us.

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MayFirst is currently experiencing an outage with the upstream provider Hurricane in NYC. Updates available from

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it Fate."
- Carl Jung
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I told him and was like "I wasn't even playing the game! I was just in the training dojo!"

"it's ok dad. the dojo is actually harder than the game! Each time I beat a level the dojo gets harder and I already beat all the levels so you were training at the master level."

lol, well the ultimate goal was achieved- try and connect with my kid.

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I tried relating to my teenager by playing a VR game of his and I kept dying and could not figure out how to exit to the main menu.

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The Open Source Afro Hair Library spring fellowships are open! Artists can get $1500 to design Black 3D hair models. Details & application here:

Read more about the project here:

Via :birdsite: ( 🐘

#MastoArt #artwithopensource

I'm sharing tips on writing for the web tomorrow at the Naperville Wordpress Meetup.

Since it's online, you don't have to live in Naperville to join!

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SVGwaves - SVGwaves is a CSS / SVG generator waves and allow you to draw waves in your browser. #Design #Wave #SVG #svgwaves by

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