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Progressives need a UX design revolution

Could better design have doubled the number of high-quality voter contacts in 2018?

Really excited about the improvements being made to .

* Modern, responsive theme -

* CiviSpark - a pared down, SaaS version of Civi to get groups quickly up and running

Here's a great read that starts to dig into the relationship between user experience and platform cooperatives.

One of the most important aspects of an project is to make it easy to get help.

Too many projects, in fact I would say the majority of FOSS projects, make it difficult to report bugs, ask questions and know when they'll get an answer.

Reporting a bug or asking a question is invaluable information for maintainers. It's also one of the first interactions a user has with a project. That experience can either make or break someone continuing to use that software.

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