I decided to record my first impressions using @penpot a free software design and prototyping tool.

I was really impressed! I did not expect the level of functionality and polished user experience it has.


Today at noon ET I'll be leading a webinar with my colleague Johanna Bates on the topic of Consentful UX - which we see as an antidote to the coercive, invasive design patterns we see so often on the web.

It's free to attend. Here are the details


Just learned about the frustrating decision of Chrome and Safari to not respect autocomplete=off

Another example of why having Firefox around is important, to have a modicum of pressure for the tech giants to respect us.



I am collecting examples and counter examples of .

The CW feature on Mastodon is a good example. Newsletter pop ups would be a bad example.

This will be for a resource where people can look up a common bad practice and see consentful alternatives. It will be CC licensed and community-curated. All who want to be credited publicly will be.

Boosts welcomed for visibility.

Thank you!

Does anyone know of a library of best practices in / that is community curated?

I'm thinking something like digital.gov

or checklist.design (but community curated, not a side project of one person)

The Current State of

What is your current tool set and workflows for design in projects?

I just signed up for Bitwarden and imported my passwords from Buttercup and Firefox.

For Firefox, they even wrote their own tool to easily export my passwords because there are no longer supported add-ons.

It has a great and seems to have a solid, ethical business model behind it.


Yelp is tricking people into thinking they are calling a restaurant, when in fact it redirects to Grubhub so that Yelp/Grubhub can claim a higher service feed from the restaurant.

A Designer signed off on this. I don't know the back story, maybe they put up a fight. If they did, they lost. This is an example of how tech worker unions could advocate for ethical design that gets sacrificed for shitty business practices.


The EU Data Protection Body has ruled that cookie walls (where you have to agree to the collection of cookies to access the site)

is NOT consent.

More reason to ditch Google Analytics and either not add analytics tracking or go with something like Plausible.


I'd love to form more of a community with other designers, especially those focused on and who share slash values.

If you do too, respond to this thread and we can see where it goes from there.

(boost appreciated!)

I published a short how to on switching from to ( @elementary specifically) aimed at fellow designers.


In working on a redesign for a legal aid group, I met with some of the people they've worked with over the years.

This was a SUCH a good experience. Instead of a limited projection of a person through something like a persona, I am designing with the depth and complexity of those people in mind.

It sounds obvious, but meet your audience before designing for them.

Does anyone have opinions, stories and research around the use of Google Translate widgets on websites?

I'm building a website for a legal assistance group. Right now, they can only translate a few pages and are wondering whether a Google Translate widget is even worth including?

We nonprofit and movement techies are influenced by (and even take inspiration from) corporate technology.

Especially in and circles. After reading No Shortcuts: Organizing in the New Guilded Age I've been thinking about how we should be drawing lessons from organizers more than marketers when it comes to design goals, principles, patterns, etc.

I'm looking for a new work laptop. This'll run and be used primarily for work.

Desired specs:

* great battery life
* on the lighter side
* works well w/ OS
* good performance (e.g.: common to be on video call, browser, Figma, simultaneously)
* Storage less important
* Cost $1-2K ideally

Thank you in advance! 😊

I am very excited about the @mobilizon project. Events is the one thing really keeping me on Facebook at all and SO many groups rely on it for events.

It already met its first milestone - you can donate to help it meet the second milestone - joinmobilizon.org/en/

Also, they're working with designers from the outset. Plus it's being funded and developed by a nonprofit.

An all around great example of building the

I've been thinking about how my design work can better protect people from harassment and abuse.

I wrote up an "anti-persona", an audience group who we want to give a TERRIBLE user experience to. 😈😎

It's for a tool to easy build out and manage donation forms on a website.


Someone who tries to steal sensitive info like credit card information or makes fraudulent donations so as to mess with an organization.


I attended the World Information Architecture Day event in Denver and learned some interesting things about universal design and designing for gender expansive audiences.

It's a very corporate marketing sarurated field but I'm glad I went and can learn from those spaces.

In planning my move from Apple to Linux the only application I need to replace is Sketch. My research lead me to Figma and so far I am LOVING it.

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