direct action gets the goods, miners union victory 

Blackjewel miners win $5 million after blocking train tracks when they were fired and not paid back wages.

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teacher is almost certainly happening Monday. The Governor is not going to intervene, which means only a last minute deal between the administration and union will prevent it.

At this point a deal being reached looks very unlikely.

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(one day we'll get them in the fediverse!)

does anyone have an invite they'd be willing to give out to the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee?

Encouraged to see employees self organizing against the AI Drone bullshit.

Imagine what they could do as a !




and with the Industrial Workers of the World!.

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After a night of writing incarcerated workers, I now have my union's mailing address memorized.


Burgerville Union gives corporate 48 hours to recognize their union or they file for an NLRB election.

If corporate agrees this will be the first fast food union ever recognized.

If they're forced to run elections and win, they'll be the first fast food union recognized by govt

Talking to my kids about the

me: "So what should parents do now that the strike is entering its second week?"

my kids: "They should ditch work and take their kids to the protest!"

I like that the first conclusion they draw is a ☺️

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