This panel on worker coops and features some of my favorite radicals,

Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Camila Piñero Harnecker
Richard Wolff

Sept 28 6:30-8:30pm ET

thoughts on socialist messaging 

I published more fleshed-out thoughts on the limited framing many of us socialists are using with campaigns like

and the need for sharper critique of predatory systems.

Would love people's feedback.

I'm encouraged that the Democratic Socialists of America endorsed the Red Deal.

The fight for must be rooted in .

Ushering in a white-dominated socialist society on stolen land is not a victory.

About to hop on a book discussion of No Shortcuts: Organizing in the New Guilded Age

I might live toot with the hashtag

The book goes on to highlight several case studies that both support her point and are riveting stories of success in the face of serious opposition.

chapters are reading the book together and the author is leading video-conference book club sessions -

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This is an excellent deep dive into worker-owned coops that are trying to contest power and build . is an anti-capitalist, cooperatively owned original content streaming site. Basically Netflix for anarchists.

I just donated $5 to their crowdfunding campaign. It looks VERY rad.

Dear , I'll be in for . If you're in the area and want to chat or whatever, DM me! 🌧️ 🌹 🌐 :TwinPines: ☺️

@Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @cooler_ranch This is also partially inspired by my time in Durham where I learned that the Self-Help Credit Union was formed by workers who wanted buy their shut down factory and turn it into a worker-owned cooperative.

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I am LOVING the book Joyful Militancy: Building Thriving Resistance in Toxic Times. Commentary to come soon...

If you appreciate curated news relevant to the US left check out I really appreciate their editorial focus.

I love that the folks leave no revolutionary stone unturned. They are not afraid to learn from them all and apply them to their own situation in creative ways. it's all on the table.

Reminds in some ways of and and revolutionary Kurds unique politics.

Just bought Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi.

I've joined a book club here in Denver to discuss it. Super excited to draw lessons from it for the coop and racial justice movement out here.

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