Risky reached a new milestone in his training. Jumping _up_ through the hoop.


current pet status 

Risky is asleep on his old t-shirt bead inside his cardboard box Rat Castle with his avocado pit chew toy.

vet appointment #Ratstodon 

I was at the vet's with Risky. While waiting, I was holding him and he started doing this rhythmic teeth chattering and breathing pattern.

I've never experienced it before. It seemed to be a stress-reducing measure. I asked the vet and she didn't know but agreed it was a good guess.

Any fellow rat caretakers ever witnessed this?

rat and a house plant 

Risky likes hanging with the house plants and it's real sweet.

We bribed Risky into wearing a harness with Cheerios but his desire for freedom is strong.

We just want to train you to go on walks Risky! 😭

Risky ran off with my daughter's homework to build his rat nest.

pet rat tricks, peertube 

I've been working with Risky on coming when his name is called. He's getting pretty good at it!


Risky Rat likes chewing on my aglets and I can't stop him because it's so effing cute.

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