I recorded a tutorial on how to use the module Entity Reference Override.

This is a handy module if you need to override the value of an entity you're referencing. For example, if you want to provide a context specific bio for an author byline or adjust the title of professor being listed on a program page.


When nayafia@twitter.com
and the changelog@twitter.com
folks started talking the utility of a taxonomy of types of open source projects I found myself shouting to myself, "yes! yes! it's a thing! CommunityRule!"

communityrule.info by medlabboulder@twitter.com and @ntnsndr


I just signed up for Bitwarden and imported my passwords from Buttercup and Firefox.

For Firefox, they even wrote their own tool to easily export my passwords because there are no longer supported add-ons.

It has a great and seems to have a solid, ethical business model behind it.


Lots of great pieces have come out recently calling upon those of us in the free/open-source software to go further in making ethical tech.

* @ntnsndr on the culture war in open-source modelviewculture.com/pieces/th
* @CoralineAda on **ethical** open-source software modelviewculture.com/pieces/a-

I'd love to form more of a community with other designers, especially those focused on and who share slash values.

If you do too, respond to this thread and we can see where it goes from there.

(boost appreciated!)

There was a really great website, I think related to the European Union explaining the importance of public tech infrastructure using software. I can't find it for the life of me.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

a hopeful assessment of in recessions.

Since it's usually cheaper than proprietary software, projects can actually see a bump in usage.

Also, for those who go through unemployment, contributing to open source can boost someone's visibility and network connections to get a new job.


my colleague @mlncn came up with the brilliant idea to be able to mute all notifications in a messaging app (eg: IRC, Slack, Zulip, Mattermost) while one has their timer running.

Then when a break starts, notifications of messages to you appear.

Has anyone seen this before?

If you're in the bay area in October
there's a whole bunch of trainings and sessions on

and more. The camp is free and all-day trainings are only $50 and I think even those I think have scholarships available.


I recently learned about Zulip and just went through their tour.

It looks very promising - the friendliness of Slack, but and more structured. There's oftentimes way too much noise in Slack channels.

does anyone know of team apps?

I want to share what I'm working on and see what my colleague is up to since we're a distributed team. maybe even sync our pomos!

tomato5.io/ is the closest i've found, but it's just a little too limited and rough around the edges to be useful. doesn't seem to be maintained anymore either

Bonus if it's

Anyone know of a good alternative to GoodReads? I just learned it's owned by Amazon. 🤮 😭

I could see a book sharing project being a great initiative.

Another great moment today.

I learned about an open source remoters club (organized on the alternative gettogether.community) and one person is the community manager of Thunderbird and another is a fellow ux architect working on Elementary OS. So great to meet like sweet, like minded folks in IRL through this platform.

I'm still battling w/ others to keep relevant to grassroots interests. It's a real struggle though and I'm keen on finding alternatives I and @agaric can turn to.

2 problem spaces we see -

1. sites that need more flexibility than Wordpress
2. very simple pages that could be good for a static site generator, if the content management side was friendly for tech beginner/intermediate folks.

Bonus for each if it supports syndication to social media platforms.

Has anyone used tendenci? it's an crm that has got me intrigued.


Did you know that Habitica is ? I'm giving it another go, in part because of this. I'm also considering starting a "party" with my family. Might form one with my coworkers too.

I am REALLY enjoying Mailspring, an email client.

With UI improvements going very slow with I'm ready to switch to a clean modern interface.

It doesn't have support though. I'd contribute some money towards it development though. Anyone else in?


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