I recorded a tutorial on how to use the module Entity Reference Override.

This is a handy module if you need to override the value of an entity you're referencing. For example, if you want to provide a context specific bio for an author byline or adjust the title of professor being listed on a program page.


For anyone going to DrupalCon next week, I'm co-organizing the Nonprofit Summit and I think it's going to be real informative. We're also setting up a directory people can opt into for networking and organizing.

Check it out!


Gonna test porting a 7 site to . Backdrop is much more democratic and accountable to the needs of nonprofits and movement groups, so I'm hoping it goes well...

Was looking over the latest releases and saw "Pirate."

So glad I clicked through to see what that module does. ☠️ 😝

The first alpha release for a new default theme called Olivero, is now available.

It's a huge improvement over the current default theme, Bartik.


Durpal - When behaves in an utterly stupid way.

Bonus points if there is a three year long comment thread on an unresolved issue.

If you're in the bay area in October
there's a whole bunch of trainings and sessions on

and more. The camp is free and all-day trainings are only $50 and I think even those I think have scholarships available.


If you work with my coworker took on the ambitious task of writing a blog post every day in August breaking down the migration process.

A lot of hard work is going into teaching people how to migrate to Drupal 8, as well as refine the tools to make it easier in the first place.

A platform is no good if people can't join it!


The Colorado Drupal NonProfit Summit is next Friday!

* Free (including lunch and coffee)
* Mix of presentations, lightning talks, breakout discussions and tech clinics
* Network with activists and nonprofit techies

Full schedule and registration at 2019.drupalcampcolorado.org/no

I've been thinking about how my design work can better protect people from harassment and abuse.

I wrote up an "anti-persona", an audience group who we want to give a TERRIBLE user experience to. 😈😎

It's for a tool to easy build out and manage donation forms on a website.


Someone who tries to steal sensitive info like credit card information or makes fraudulent donations so as to mess with an organization.


Just finished up a migration to training with the @agaric team and it went great!

Now to zone out for a bit. 🤤

I'm still battling w/ others to keep relevant to grassroots interests. It's a real struggle though and I'm keen on finding alternatives I and @agaric can turn to.

2 problem spaces we see -

1. sites that need more flexibility than Wordpress
2. very simple pages that could be good for a static site generator, if the content management side was friendly for tech beginner/intermediate folks.

Bonus for each if it supports syndication to social media platforms.

Watching Dries Buytaert, founder of talk about and the future of Drupal's front-end.

Just updated all my clients and side projects to the latest version. If you haven't seen, this update covers a MAJOR security vulnerability. If you have a Drupal site, make sure you get it updated today!


A module that prevents users from choosing a password that has been pwned.


holy shit. I discovered horntabs.net

i never expected two loves:


horn lines

to collide.

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