The coyote and badger will sometimes go hunting together.

They can catch ground squirrels more easily with badger attacking underground and coyote above ground.

I started growing some food from seed indoors and these squash flowers popped up this week. So pretty!

I love when a sunshower comes about.

Today though, it was *snowing* while the sun was out.

Very Colorado. 🏔️ ☀️

The yucca moth is the only pollinator of the yucca plant.

The yucca plant is the only food source for the yucca moth.

Neither can live without the other.

The more I learned the details of this mutualism, the more interesting it became!

So I blogged about it.

Happy Imbolc / Saint Brigid's Day!

Here in Denver it feels that way - since last week's snowstorm we've seen hints of spring emerging. 🌷

Looks like it's a bit different out on the east coast right now... 🥶

After 113 years, the 18,800 acres of grassland, woodland and wildlife that comprise the National Bison Range, along with its resident bison herd, will be returned to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

Just donated to @riseup

feels good to support movement tech

😊 ✊

Colonization and Decolonization - A Manual for Indigenous Liberation in the 21st Century

is one of the best resources I've found to learn and understand colonization and decolonization. It's a comic by Gord Hill. With his permission, I converted the PDF of it to the web, for those who prefer to read that way.

I worked with NOVA Web Coop to launch a new site for Uber, Lyft and other independent drivers unionizing in Colorado.

We used , a web platform built for unions.

Happy birthday to Mae Mali, the oldest hippo in Thailand. She turned 55 today.

This panel on worker coops and features some of my favorite radicals,

Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Camila Piñero Harnecker
Richard Wolff

Sept 28 6:30-8:30pm ET

The new Billie Eilish music video has real strong and vibes and I love it.

Much love to the Signal team for improving groups in a time where *so many of us* are relying on it to protect one another and tear down white supremacy.

Was looking over the latest releases and saw "Pirate."

So glad I clicked through to see what that module does. ☠️ 😝

case study - Tor moving from designing based on feedback of highly technical users to interviewing, training and running usability tests with Global South social movements.

Happy all. I harvested my blue oysters this morning and cooked them up in a scramble. Pretty dang good.

CW: eye contact

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