I am collecting examples and counter examples of .

The CW feature on Mastodon is a good example. Newsletter pop ups would be a bad example.

This will be for a resource where people can look up a common bad practice and see consentful alternatives. It will be CC licensed and community-curated. All who want to be credited publicly will be.

Boosts welcomed for visibility.

Thank you!

@david omg yes. Facebook is the same. 😠 Thanks!

@clayton Oh yeah, FB was ridiculous. I saved a gif somewhere...

@clayton Or unsubscribing for emails that you never opted in to, then getting shamed

@clayton I'll toot my own horn just a bit for how I think unsubscribes should work: not hidden, not missing, not tiny font in the footer.

@david Yessss I love this!

Friendly, simple, informative.

@david yeah, this is so gross and annoying. Imagine doing this in person?!?

This video acted out some of these dark patterns if they were to take place in real life

I'm also presenting on this topic as a webinar. Now I want to do like an improv comedy thing where someone suggests one of these dark patterns and we act it out.

@clayton I was at a conference where the presenter was asked an audience question about GDPR, and it was pretty much expected that he would be asked that by the questioner.

He walked to the question mic with a cookie that he'd brought in to have the questioner accept it before he responded.

It was childish and gross.

@david eep. well that is what I would want to avoid. And I think there is a risk for sure of the improv scene coming off as flippant or dismissive of the impact of the manipulative pattern. In the context of the video I shared, I think their use of it was effective - showing the ridiculousness of the attempt at manipulation.

How did it land for you?

@clayton I think that the way that they did it was fine. I guess I should have clarified that this was clearly staged by the presenter, but not by the questioner. And that it was meant to derail the conversation, not enhance it.

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