is a website and member portal for unions and other movement groups.

I tried installing it locally and it only took me a couple of minutes to get up and running. Really impressed with this project so far.

Here's a video I made showing the install process.

I tried uploading this video to my peertube account, but it errored out. :/

I'll reach out to the instance maintainer and try again soon.

@clayton ooh and it's a django app! gonna have to see if i can contribute

@redoak yes! reach out if you ever want to have a call to chat about the project and what contribution would be a good fit. that'd be fun :)

@redoak @clayton The install docs are amazing. Far too many Django apps assume the end user is going to be a Django developer and figure out their own deploy process.

It is, however, missing upgrade procedures, which might be a little tricky because the .env file is versioned. A blurb about stashing those changes before doing a git pull would probably fix that.

Still, a neat project. I hope a couple flagship instances pop up to move some organization off of things like Facebook and Meetup...

@gdorn @redoak

Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass it along to the core team.

There are already a few LibreOrganize sites out in the wild, which is pretty rad.

@clayton That's awesome. I wish the local mutual aid group would switch off Facebook and Slack and use this and Matrix, but I don't have sufficient pull there, even if I set this up for them for free...
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