The Current State of

What is your current tool set and workflows for design in projects?

For me, I've been using Figma to design wireframes and workflows.

I have tried but found it to be buggy and am also wary of a project small on community and exclusively powered by a company lacking a solid business model behind the project.

I haven't used @akiraux but plan to give it a shot when it reaches a stable release.

I've been curious about @glimpse , the fork of GIMP. Has anyone used either for wireframes and mockups?

Oh and I should have mentioned @inkscape which just released 1.0! Does anyone use Inkscape for wireframing?

@clayton @inkscape I'd like not to. So we are searching for the same solution.

Another not-ready-for-prime-time candidate is #ux #freesoftware #design #uxbox #akiraux #inkscape

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