I'm looking for a new work laptop. This'll run and be used primarily for work.

Desired specs:

* great battery life
* on the lighter side
* works well w/ OS
* good performance (e.g.: common to be on video call, browser, Figma, simultaneously)
* Storage less important
* Cost $1-2K ideally

Thank you in advance! 😊

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@clayton Don't know if they have one that meets your specs, but I am happy with my Zareason laptop.

@clayton I'd recommend a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon, 14" with a 1080p screen (or if you've got really good eyes) a 2560x1440 touch screen (what I've got) with 16GB RAM... Very nice, runs Linux (I run Mint) great, and supports 2 external screens (currently typing this on a 3840x2160 external screen along with the laptop screen). Mine's a Gen 3 - I'd recommend looking for Gen 4 & 5 - great, but cheaper than the most recent Gen 6... Sadly, can't be purchased w/o Windows. :(

@clayton the Gen 6 is actually on a big sale right now - the same spec as what I just listed for you is available for $1492.50 from that page I linked, including the coupon code "THINKSALE"...

@lightweight after a lovely chat with the MicroCenter employees and doing some comparisons I decided to go with the ThinkPad! It arrives on the 12th or 13th.

Thank you for the recommendation. I also like that I decided to move off of my MacBook of seven years a day before Apple announces their $1000 stand. 😁

@clayton Excellent! I'm honoured. I've got 2 TP X1 Carbons and have been very pleased with them - I wish you a similar experience! Did you manage to get it with the discount?

@lightweight my favorite line from the laptop tour I was given was "now laptop speakers are all trash, but this is the *freshest* top of the trash pile, trash."

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