i;m thinking about thos software cooperatives

i'm reading this "tech freelancer's guide to starting a worker cooperative" and getting simultaneously pumped and overwhelmed 😬


Fortunately, there are people on Masto who are veterans at this stuff and would probably answer any questions you happened to throw at 'em. Isn't that right @clayton and @FreeScholar ?


@GuerillaOntologist @garbados @FreeScholar

Definitely! In fact, it's part of our 2019 intention to blog about starting a tech coop.


That zine is awesome, but some more recent examples/info would be helpful.

Any specific questions or challenges you run into along the way would be good to know so we can try addressing those. Also, we'll release them as CC0 so anyone can use them/adapt them for any reason, no attribution necessary. This is collective wisdom after all.

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