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Exarcheia, Athens
[image description: banner strung across a street reading 'Airbnb supporters go home Here we have class war']

new book by the Institute of Network Cultures
The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)Learning Technology
eds Loes Bogers & Letizia Chiappini

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DisCOs looks really interesting:

'DisCOs are a P2P/Commons, cooperative and Feminist Economic alternative to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs).'

'...a set of organisational tools and practices for groups of people who want to work together in a cooperative, commons-oriented, and feminist economic form.'


I am opting out of all discussions of what is going on in Bolivia

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If I Only Had a Heart: A DisCO Manifesto

Value Sovereignty, Care Work, Commons and Distributed Cooperative Organizations

yes! the DisCO Manifesto is launched!
Organizations, and oriented

tomorrow in Amsterdam, Institute of Network Culture's MoneyLab event - Ruth Catlow from Furtherfield will introduce the Manifesto in session 4 'Beyond the “Blokechain”: the Cryptofeminist Agenda'

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can we please start calling worker cooperatives syndicates? it makes practicing economic democracy sound sooo much sexier

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This article about the recent arrival on Mastodon of many Twitter users from #India is by far more complete than many others I've seen these days:
But unsurprisingly it ends with a common doubt about Mastodon being a platform filled with echo chambers.

Well, being an italian that in the last days interacted with so many people from India and having learned from many new things about indian society from them it sounds fun 😄

On Mastodon you can find and interact with a huge amount of different communities: LGBT communities based in UK, vegans from the States, german metalheads, Solarpunks, some algerian guys, italian anarchists, french hackers, anime-fans from all around, indian muslims, south american activists...

It's a kind of variety that is rarely encountered on commercial social media.

total happiness and weekend contentedness is reading comrades' intelligent, intellectual, engaged-in-practice, resistance oriented, insightful and passionate work.
the world is on fire but the bucket brigades have been working for a lot longer than most people realize.

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We @haecksen are preparing for a next round of women in IT stamps for #36C3.
Should we present groups women this time? We thought of Pickering's Harem, Colossus Code Breaker and ENIAC Girls so far. Maybe Stephanie "Steve" Shirley's FI company. (Though we haven't done much research on them yet.) I would be nice to have five new stamps like last time.
Can you think of any other women groups? Maybe even from outside the UK/US?

#womeninIT #womeninSTEM #Mastoart #ccc @ChaosPost @digitalcourage

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Could 🦓 rise from 🦄🔥🗑️'s fall? In our latest piece, co-authored with, we imagine users as owners and an that protects this asset so core to community and civil society. Share your thoughts!


How to Run a City Like Amazon, and Other Fables
"In a city ‘run like a business’, the ethos and logic of city government shifts from a bureau- cracy serving citizens for the common good, to a technocracy that adopts business models and practices to serve individual consumers. In a city ‘run by businesses’ the provision of services and essential infrastructure transfers
from public to private delivery."
A collection of essays and speculative fiction:

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And this is just moving. A soprano defies the government's curfew. Watch to the end, then listen to Victor Jara's original version after it (next video).


all well. good comments on the post. bullsh*t was checked according to good p2p practice. can lower the misogyny protection gear and the heart rate can go back down to normal. I still have a knife in my hand (but maybe I will need to chop some carrots in the near future).

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I've been told there's another highly misogynist post in the p2p foundation facebook group and I am wondering what kind of augmented reality I should be in when checking it 🙃
eg whiskey probably a really bad idea, non?

reminded again that I need to pay *much* more attention to the China-Africa axis

I find it so weird and confusing that things continue on 'as usual', that Brexit can continue on being enfubaraged, as if Cambridge Analytica never happened; the US + Canada election campaigns can continue as if illegal interference hadn't happened + is not still happening now, etc.
this is the biggest denial machine ever (+ I'm deliberately limiting my geographical + cultural coverage), the therapy sofa is not big enough, no one wants it anyway because we have become atomized.

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