FABx (the annual international Fab Lab meeting) has had to go online this year because of you-know, but precisely because of the opportunities for a better world, the line-up/programme is intriguing and worth investing time in, e.g. Juliet Schor is speaking on Wednesday on cooperatives and Rebooting Economies

registration for the whole conference here

this is really the time to promote coops where they are needed (!!!)

I'll be on at the end of that session so be on youtube with your questions and comments - so I can refer to the experts here in this group regarding material peer production and grassroots innovation - and survival for maker groups into 2020--->

good examples of alternative economies in material peer production (challenges, opportunities, what-a-dirty-mess) also welcome, I can point to some in my brief intro

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addition, it would be great to do a rapid spint miro board of collated ideas, and I will propose this / set it up if I can manage amidst other pressing things tomorrow

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hi all , feel free to add ideas to our brainstorming board - the target is fab labs / material peer production but all ideas around the idea of "Rebooting Economies" are welcome

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