I had my profile, folder and Patchwork on my work laptop, which then had to be taken in for an OS update. I hope the ssb folder is somewhere on one of my backups and if so, I can figure out how to onboard back again with my old profile and re-installing patchwork, as someone with no programming knowledge or experience.
trying to make time for this *sigh*

@ckohtala If you can't find it, let me know and I'll ask what you could do on SSB.
If you need your public key, I or any other scuttlebutts here can get it for you.

@bhaugen 🙏 I will also check through the FAQs and documents

@bhaugen no, I can't find any .ssb files on the backup drive

@ckohtala I asked for help on SSB and will report back here.

Alas, you need a file called "secret" from the .ssb directory to recover your identity.

Otherwise what some people have done is to follow their old identity from their new one and to say in their new profile, [that old identity] is also/or used to be/ me...

Mix Irving says (1 of 2)
"they can link back to their past account and mark the old one 'deprecated', but access to their private messages is gone. If there are particular messages they send to another person they want a copy of they basically have to ask for a copy of it, or for the person to send them the unboxing keys for each message in that thread."

(2 of 2)
"the good news is I think replacing you account is kinda sad, but actually the social connections will pick up again and things will be fairly similar to they were in a short amount of time"

@bhaugen THANK YOU! you are a star and a friend.
it seems the ssb files were wiped in the reinstall and didn't get saved on the backup.
no great loss with the previous account.
will look for you and mix's pub when I get Patchwork going again. hopefully won't encounter problems. thank Mix for me too

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