Basic Income Café, by Martina Huynh, Dutch Design Week 2018, Eindhoven. "An interactive installation using a café as a metaphor to explore the idea of guaranteed monthly earnings through a universal basic income."
How: "People help themselves to a free 'cup of basic income' in the form of coffee from the machine. They can contribute to the communal coffee pot by 'going to work' and grinding more coffee. The coffee visualizes the flow of money. ..."

..."In one scenario people get a full cup; in the other they get half a cup. These are based on recent Swiss and Finnish proposals."
Why: "The idea is to make this abstract principle more concrete and initiate a discussion about how a universal basic income could work and what kind of basic income people would like."

"It's time to redefine the concept of work. We believe that work compensated through money is not the only valuable, meaningful work. And the creation of jobs for the sake of keeping people busy is absurd.
People should be spared from work if there is none!
'But wait, if there's no work, how am I supposed to buy a cup of coffee?'
We strongly believe that we need to secure income, not jobs."


This is so great! Thanks for sharing.

The summary on the artist's website was also great:

Tangentially, an exploratory relationship I was in a couple of years ago ended during a discussion about UBI. I thought it was a cool convo, and so was very surprised when said former partner exclaimed "YOU MAKE ME THINK TOO MUCH" and ended the relationship.

This art exhibit may have been less confrontational!

@emi Dutch Design Week is great for attracting absolute *heaps* of people. the Basic Income Café installation always had loads of people around it, asking her questions, sitting having coffee. most of the people when I was there were in the older demographic, middle-aged to retired.
(I also spent a whole afternoon just hanging out at Precious Plastic, chatting to the inventors)

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