cc: @sir very curious if you have OpenSSL/BearSSL/BoringSSL thoughts

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pax is a classic example of specifications getting ahead of implementations. No one wants it and hardly anyone implements it. Never write a spec without an implementation.

I'm realizing I might actually feel strongly about this

using tabs and spaces for indentation is like reversing the characters in an RTL dialect -- it's a hack, and doesn't actually describe the semantic that you want

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if True:


if True:

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hot take: spaces vs tabs is silly

we need indent/deindent characters for when your indentation level changes, not ridiculous whitespace hacks


I'm on the fence about both this and listing contributors in an AUTHORS file of similar. How do you decide which info people should just query Git for versus which info we serialize in files/tags?

@fleeky oh shit dude, I didn't know you threw your back out! I hope you recover quickly, how long have you been healing for?

ow I'm addicted to caffeine and didn't have enough today, I've been Headache Man since like noon

my friend's dnd campaign has a channel that is 90% memes about biblical angels

I think #Earthstar is finally gelling enough that I can describe it clearly:

"A protocol for user-friendly distributed apps"

Intro slides with pictures:

Technical details and comparison with SSB:

@cinnamon do you have a pen plotter setup you like? I've been dreaming of building one for ages but just... haven't


> reply guy

oh no someone used social media to socialize

> reading comprehension

re-read my first toot, the purchase price isn't the only cost (especially over time, if you have to rent your own internet access)

> genuinely do not give a shit

I'm surprised by the rapid hostility but that's your choice, bye

unpopular opinion, leftwing behavior 


I understand where you're coming from, but this would be more effective if you opened a conversation with a specific person instead of "screaming at people online" with subtoots like this.

You're right, discussion is better than subtoots and cancellation, and I think we should practice what we preach.


> libre games

Aim for 'better', not 'perfect'! There are tons of games that natively target Linux ( and a bunch of Windows games that work great in a Windows emulator (

I'm sure there are lots of use-cases where a console is a better fit for your lifestyle, but "objectively better" is objectively wrong. :~)

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