Also: could anyone point me toward a good guide on implementing a smol ActivityPub server? I want to experiment with bridging with / .

I haven't been active at all on for the past few weeks (months?) as I've been spending more time on , but it looks like things may have changed while I've been gone.

In case this instance doesn't survive, I'd love to remain friends with all of you.

Is anyone here on () that can help me test something?

I think I broke the scuttleverse.

Does anyone know whether anyone has set up Mastodon (or other self-hosted apps) on a publicly accessible wifi endpoint?

I'm thinking of making an instance available to folks within WiFi range, but I'd love to hear if others have been working on anything similar.

I've also been considering doing the same with , but I'm not as active on there.

Hell, maybe even hosting OpenStreetMaps tiles for my neighborhood would be useful for folks without an internet connection.

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