Hot take: We should aim for 'decentralized' networks that are simple enough that they can be understood and improved by lots of people.

The 'fully distributed, but only fully understood by a few people' pattern is unsustainable and tends toward a society where software developers are not representative of software users.

@christianbundy fully agreed. Until I can move, say, my church groups from FB+Zoom to Friendica+Jitsi we're not ready yet

@michel_slm Yes! And I'd also argue that until you (personally!) could easily re-implement a basic Friendica + Jitsi client from scratch* I'd argue that we're not ready yet.

* Using boring technology, I kinda like 'the python standard library + libsodium' or something as a rule of thumb.

@michel_slm @jaywink Interesting! I hadn't seen that. I've been working on writing small implementations of Secure Scuttlebutt (Python, Node.js, and Deno so far) and this might be have some interesting perspectives.

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