Can anyone recommend a resource on learning to open up and talk about burnout publicly?

It seems like most of us deal with burnout by avoiding our Hell Project and quietly trying to sneak away *or* drop-kicking it publicly in a way that leaves our communities worried about the future.

Maybe someone can stories or guides on how we can improve and be more vulnerable with the people we care about?

@christianbundy I would widen the approach and look to speak about vulnerability and trauma in public. But this is out of my range of knowledge where I could help.

@christianbundy there is which contains links to a lot of resources.

I'm super interested in this topic too, and trying to find patterns and structures that might be applied in the community software projects I'm involved with. it's all a bit fuzzy and vague in my head right now though.

I think it's way more important than things like a projects git workflow, but talked about way less.


there's no recipy

You need to go to therapy

Maybe @maloki and @muninn

know a bit more than I do ?

@AbbieNormal @maloki @muninn

Maintainers need to go to therapy to open up about burnout publicly? I don't think so.

To be blunt, "you need to go to therapy" sort of rubs me the wrong way.

@AbbieNormal Could you maybe express your ideas with some more detail? Maybe I'm missing what you're saying.


I went to therapy for 13 years

I struggled a lot with my emotions, for different reasons

But the process was educational overall, in a general sense

In therapy you learn to sense, acknowledge AND MANAGE (to some extent) your emotions and that's a skill you can apply in general

Mantaining a project is a people job

@christianbundy even if it came out wrong its a good point.

Therapy helped me accepting that I have a tenancy to burn out, and it's in the long term helping me talk about it publicly and avoid it happening as much again.

Therapy can help you articulate your problems, and then decide which parts of it you want to be public about.

@christianbundy @maloki @muninn

going to therapy is not demeaning and not diminishing you as a person

It's not for people with loose cogs in their minds, if anything it's the opposite

I'm sorry if it rubbed the wrong way, it wasn't meant that way

@AbbieNormal @maloki @muninn

I've seen a therapists as a child, as a teen, and as an adult. I've also encouraged friends and family to try therapy. Please don't assume that I'm uninformed or misinformed. ❤

There are tons of great mental health resources online, I was simply asking if anyone knew about resources for open source contributors / maintainers so that I could recommend them.

Yes, "you need a therapist" is one tool, but it's not our only tool for supporting friends and colleagues.

@christianbundy @maloki @muninn


Munin knows a thing or two about this

they are not on line as often but I'm confident that they'll be on point

@AbbieNormal @christianbundy @maloki @muninn

Discussion of burnout has been pretty regular in Drupal especially since a keynote conference address,

I also feel the diversity & inclusion topics are always relevant, especially in covering all the extra things that can burn out people from marginalized groups:

With more proposed (or given but not on video); not finding much written right now.

Sadly I don't actually have a list of burnout resources because I never had the spare energy & focus to move beyond the "many browser tabs" level of organization in understanding my problem and instead decided to just speak out a bit myself. But I'm glad some people are thinking about this and sharing info with others, it's killed many a good project.
@christianbundy @maloki

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