Can anyone recommend a multiplayer cooperative game that runs on low-end hardware (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4)?

I love playing video games with a friend who lives hundreds of miles away but I don't want to have a console or have to throw money at an expensive gaming computer.

@christianbundy You could get into a text based MUD. There are many free MUDs that range from fantasy to sci-fi and everything in between.

@christianbundy Materia Magica is a fun one. What I like about MUDs is that all you really need is a terminal to connect, but they have apps for pretty much every OS out there that add more features if you want them. :)

@christianbundy I've been enjoying 0AD lately. RTS age of empires clone that you can play as a groups vs. an ai team.

@christianbundy I play it with my cousins all the time and it's loads of fun

@christianbundy -- -- open source, self-hostable, cooperative card game similar in concept to solitaire. Recently selected by Deep Mind as their next challenge in AI due to theory of mind requirements. I take the physical form of the game with me pretty much any time I travel.

Minetest. It takes some research to pull together a nice collection of mods to make an interesting world to play in, but it's much nicer on hardware than Minecraft and the game client is free to download

@yaaps @christianbundy I've tried Minetest on a Pinebook and on an RPi 3+ and found it unusably slow on both even with the graphics turned way down. The Android build is playable, which I assume comes from being compiled to use OpenGL ES, but I haven't been able to figure out how to build the Linux version that way yet. in particular the Android version seems to be using a build of a patched version of Irrlicht someone got to work one time. Is the 4 that much faster or is there a GLES build?

@freakazoid @christianbundy
I ran the Minetest server on a 2 GB A64+, the same SoC as the Pinebook, but I didn't attempt to run the client on this board. Performance was fine running headless until we spread out, at which point I created alternate accounts for each build site

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