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gab bullshit 

@isolategab *checks "Gab app store"* owo what's this

(it's a Tusky fork, it should probably get reported

BOOM! Good work, everybody! Google correctly saw that unmoderated hate speech violates it's terms of use for the store. #IsolateGab #Spinster #Transrights

If you see me being pals with a creep, please feel like you can tell me and also consider that not everybody is in the Discords you are in, most people, in fact, are not

Gabbers Noticing #IsolateGab Organizing 

"censorship is when i cant force you to listen to me" - 1984 by George Orwell

Gabbers Noticing #IsolateGab Organizing 

Gabbers noticing our organizing. Good. #IsolateGab #Gab

I love that someone appears to have decided I'm an immature boy and blocked me for this (lol).

Women also enjoy toilet humour. Especially when we are mothers to small children 😃

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Ref to homo/tphobia, grooming/csa 

Me and my queer comrades are doing our bit to fight every single thing they raise tbh, but I can't say I've ever heard of one of them doing more than whine about how we're doing the opposite online.

Here's to a weekend ahead of fighting predatory property developers, borders, cops, the pinkwashing of the military industrial complex and the denial of sex ed that is a prerequisite for a lot of grooming activity, fuckos.

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Ref to homo/tphobia, grooming/csa 

Homo/transphobes: Pride is just this massive commercial machine these days

Me&comrades: *getting banners ready to fight pink capitalism this weekend*

H/Tphobes: don't they care about people from other places

Me&c: *working to support refugee defence projects*

H/Tphobes: they're grooming society is what they're doing

Me&c: *observing het society has child abuse activity pretty extensively dominated*

Feeling incredibly grateful to my colleague who reminded me how much I like heavy metal last year.

Also seems appropriate to post given the stuff happening in the Amazon.

[Anti colonial metal video, scenes of violent indigenous resistance]

@Dr_Em by the way, I read your blog post about your health issues and wanted to say I'm sympathetic to your concerns that requirements to have a certain level of "filter" and impulse control are inaccessible. I respect that and understand how rules around language create problems for you. I've been working on a set of (non binding) principles for conversations across the barricades and if you ever feel like having a chat I'll do my best to respect your needs

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Raqqa Patrol

Short film interviewing sdf/ypg affiliated soldiers guarding Raqqa against the ongoing insurgent attacks by remnants of Daesh

Skate Bore 

Perfectly viable for eg commuting or something but I'm trying to improve on more complex technique stuff and having a leg slide out unexpectedly is no good for that. I don't need to break something and get taken out of work right now.

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Skate Bore 

I'm going to tag skate posts from now on so as to provide ppl with the opportunity to just mute them.

I find it weirdly helpful to write down skate thoughts however little anyone cares, it's an intensely intricate hobby and in a few years of doing it now I haven't gotten bored.

Anyway, today was too wet by a lot and skating sucked, even very low speed laterals skidding severely. Getting into "unskatable" season already where I've just got the rink and nothing else.

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Want to know what to do about Bolsonaro setting the Amazon on fire and killing Indigenous peoples? First, look at this thread by Nylah Burton on what products/companies to boycott:

Then, read this Bustle article:

Then, make noise in your community. Don’t let Bolsonaro, U.S. capitalists, and racists get away with this.

Specifically the metaphysical hyperobject thing. Makes almost immediate sense physically but also weird how new it feels as a way of examining the universe.

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Actually learned some interesting new (to me) philosophical ideas this philosophy tube.

"There is a class war, it's called poverty! Against racism, fascism, patriarchy!"

Czolgosz - No War but the Class War

The fake feminist site, and anti-Trans #Gab spinoff site #spinster is looking for a few good anti-trans, bigotted ladies to act as Mods.

Note the ideological anti-trans screening listed in this post. And they only want women who have been public about their anti-trans ideology already.

Odd that for a "feminist" site open to all.

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