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No, honestly, thank you!

I tried to make a reasonable sized donation yesterday and got a thread with some fairly wide coverage for people to support DRC. Thank you so much for speaking out for sanity. As a trans woman and someone who has chosen not to call abuse crisis services for advice specifically out of having seen these controversies before, it's really important what you've said. I'm so sorry this is going on.

@Pinkmoon I have no idea, but similarly really interested in how people respond to stuff. I think a lot of the stuff that Queer theory is demonised for is also present in a lot of radfem stuff - they're kinda linked by the 70s being a weird era. Given the Queer vs Radfem thing that's emerged recently that's a special curiosity for me how ppl will react.

@Pinkmoon I think from what I understand about Dworkin's life your other friends participating in this are right - she was very much about no bullshit and reclaiming "difficult" language. I guess one of the things to the C word is that it isn't objectifying in the medical sense work so I guess women in the era may have been trying to take back language in a way that was specific but also personal? She was pretty defiant in general about convention.

@Pinkmoon I will say I'm tickled to find the dedication to the memory of Emma Goldman in there at the start of the book. Rarely referenced or cited elsewhere in feminism outside of t-shirts sadly.

@Pinkmoon I hardly remember anything in detail (except the quotes that are often fought over and thrown at each other over the internet, but that doesn't seem fair on her as an author), was about 14 years ago I read it.

Really looking forward to hearing what you think of Part 4, and remembering that I need to re-read this.


@mk I'm not keen on the breakdown of society, whatever happens to disabled people, whatever happens to the hundreds of thousands of people about to become undocumented when the vigilante gangs kick off, etc.

But it'd certainly be good for ppl to get a fucking clue and I guess events like this miht be educational.

@mk Everyone's learning that "our government" don't belong to us at all, and are in fact just a representation of the ruling elites in their own interests with some liberal gloss for the benefit of PR.

@Alessandra @ThatGrumpyMare you have absolutely no evidence that they're putting vulnerable women at risk. It's entirely presumption. You're so keen to attack anything looking like trans inclusion you'll go for a rape crisis centre. @Lemondrizzle @Gini @ThatGrumpyMare @TransKoolaid I'm not directing people there from spinster to add to the pile on. @Lemondrizzle @Gini @ThatGrumpyMare @TransKoolaid a massive social media pile on right now

@LizREGAN the usual Twitter mob thing. To call it not organised is to ignore the roles people play leading these things.

@Pollyanna I don't endorse that nor is it anything to do with the legal or political situation in the UK.

@Lemondrizzle @Gini @ThatGrumpyMare @TransKoolaid (I saw a post that suggested they had been blocked at some point nearly a day ago, if that was true, it's no longer the case)

@Lemondrizzle @Gini @ThatGrumpyMare @TransKoolaid it's been clarified that the phone lines are open.

@Pollyanna have you ever worked around or had any involvement in a crisis centre? Are you aware of the security protocols they go through to protect their service users? I don't mean to patronise but if you think anyone can just claim to be a woman and wander in I am absolutely astonished.

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