@kat sure semantic drift happens but that isn't going to stop me asserting a different meaning.

3,000 National Guard troops have flooded into Minneapolis + Brooklyn Center as Operation Safety Net, a counter-insurgency operation, kicks into high gear. Despite violently attacking residents, protesters + journalists, protests only continue to grow. itsgoingdown.org/national-guar

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My stake on this one is I've had cis men call me, a trans woman and nearly life long transfeminist, a TERF on multiple occasions, for so much as questioning their misogynist behaviour.

So I do think this is an important nit pick to straighten out.

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@nev or just stop shitting on or reporting trans folks who were fucking there for speaking out about what happened.

Hi Mastodon again for the first time in a who while.

Here taking refuge from Twitter thanks to getting mass reported for stating an inane fact about language and feminist history contrary to the tenderqueer crowd.

Nervous college kid, to me: “who are those guys in black?”

Me: “Those are antifa. They’re here to protect people.”

Kid, relieved: “Oh, nice.”

This is also a good look at what radical trans politics look like for folks following me who have only ever seen liberal ones before.


Just found this short, insightful, anonymous essay on the emergence of transsexualism and gender nonconformity from an anarchist transfeminist perspective and it's filling my tank. ☺️


I wish GCs would look back at their radfem heritage for real more and recognise we did this, they didn't stop Transsexuality. A bunch of trans people died (the suicide rate was stupidly high) in places where they were able to cut off our access to healthcare and bodily autonomy. But we've been able to publicise our existence and care pathways and DIY stuff anyway to protect against that. We're going to carry on existing.

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On the other hand I can see new trans people who didn't go through the generation of this bullshit that I went through slowly picking up the references and (dear dog this is depressing) learning while rehashing the same arguments around radfem that I learned as a youngster and that looking back in history I saw my trancestors learned 20 years before too.

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Most trans people (like everyone else) don't have a particularly radical approach to gender theory, but the persistent claim is that gender theory, trans theory itself is retrogressive. There are liberal trans rights orgs that are very uncritical of gender but they're no worse than most of the assimilationist gay rights stuff or libfem "more women CEOs" bullshit.

Trans theory has been attacking this shit since before GCF existed and started reinventing wheels and painting us out of history.

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It's weird watching GCs spreading anti gender memes which could easily be made by trans people of the "smash the binary" era of 10-20 years ago, completely unaware of different issues involved with how and why trans ppl feel dysphoria and the fact that we've been critical of oppressive structures baked into gender for pretty much ever

They're so close to getting it, but come for us instead of the authoritarian systems telling us what we can do with our bodies, how we should understand ourselves

@Luck_Dragon@spinster.xyz but also obviously yes, I mean I think at this point it sounds like noone trusts what trans women have to say about things but obviously I'd encourage people to seek help with a crisis service if they need it

@Luck_Dragon@spinster.xyz yeah I do and have been trying to support fundraising efforts on an ongoing basis for a while for various services when I see them

@Luck_Dragon@spinster.xyz I'm really sorry you're carrying all of this.

@Luck_Dragon@spinster.xyz I don't, thanks. I had some stuff years ago during a similar controversy. I'm fine, don't worry. I just wanted to explain why it mattered a lot to me.

just a reminder to everyone in these trying times

- coop /kuːp/ a chicken enclosure
- coup /kuː/ a government being overthrown
- co-op /ˈkoʊˌɒp/ a company owned and democratically run by the people it serves or employs

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