Hi Mastodon again for the first time in a who while.

Here taking refuge from Twitter thanks to getting mass reported for stating an inane fact about language and feminist history contrary to the tenderqueer crowd.

Skate Bore 

I'm going to tag skate posts from now on so as to provide ppl with the opportunity to just mute them.

I find it weirdly helpful to write down skate thoughts however little anyone cares, it's an intensely intricate hobby and in a few years of doing it now I haven't gotten bored.

Anyway, today was too wet by a lot and skating sucked, even very low speed laterals skidding severely. Getting into "unskatable" season already where I've just got the rink and nothing else.

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Uh yikes. Normally pretty open to new followers but I DMed and no reply! Shame

So it took the whole of a few days for Spinster.xyz (a new instance for anti trans feminists) to confirm they deliberately federate with Gab. {Mindblown.gif}


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