Devon Rape Crisis Centre are currently facing a rash of organised harassment because they put "identities as a woman" in a job advert.

That's where gender critical feminism has gotten to in this country. They're (according to some people) blocking up the phone lines with harassment.

Please give generously to their registered charity PayPal.

I can't imagine harassing a rape crisis centre. It's something they normally give trans people hassle for.

@Alessandra @ThatGrumpyMare you have absolutely no evidence that they're putting vulnerable women at risk. It's entirely presumption. You're so keen to attack anything looking like trans inclusion you'll go for a rape crisis centre.

@Pollyanna for sure if people are advertising falsely that that is what's going to happen, then yes, that would put them off.

What sort of monster would promote that sort of misapprehension?

@Pollyanna have you ever worked around or had any involvement in a crisis centre? Are you aware of the security protocols they go through to protect their service users? I don't mean to patronise but if you think anyone can just claim to be a woman and wander in I am absolutely astonished.

@Pollyanna I don't endorse that nor is it anything to do with the legal or political situation in the UK.

@LizREGAN the usual Twitter mob thing. To call it not organised is to ignore the roles people play leading these things.

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