Three cheers for The Discourse today, what a doozy.

Anti trans stuff and feminism 

I swear that 90% of being the sort of idiot who tries to engage in productive discussion with openly trans antagonistic Feminists is that we're all mad as hell about the amount of shit going on and basically trying not to rise to blatant provocation for long enough to be trusted to have a real conversation.

Anti trans stuff and feminism 

People have spent years now talking about how they need to talk about the issues with trans politics but it's incredibly difficult to actually raise any trans politics above a bunch of straw men without going through a hail of accusations about a presumed porn addiction or fetish for buying cosmetic surgery.


Anti trans stuff and feminism 

That and dodging men who've heard about these dangerous fetishistic men invading women's spaces but haven't actually been through either cis or trans women's experiences and have no point of reference other than playing macho aggression games as if we'll be stirred to a red blooded cock fight to prove dominance.

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