So it took the whole of a few days for (a new instance for anti trans feminists) to confirm they deliberately federate with Gab. {Mindblown.gif}

@chican3ry I am confused why they chose the gab codebase. I am unfamiliar of the differences between the systems.
Do you know if it's just a different front end ?

@kat I asked them and they said it was because they thought the design was more user friendly. I have strong suspicions now that they're still defending federation that something else is up

Still kind of love the Nazis and TERFs capitalising on the work of queers to spread their hate.

@chican3ry oh.. well I guess it's a reason, just not a very good one. And I don't think I would like to feed code back to gab, or have anything to do with it.

The three column view is idiosyncratic. It is a thing gargron is passionate about from the beginning.

But there are other options too.

@kat yeah tbh they're not freezepeachers, they ban trans people who disagree, lol. I think Mastodon is pretty awesome for how it handles this stuff and am pretty glad about the norms against tolerating fascists (or at least distributing the tools to the instances to deal with them adequately)

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