What I really need is a homepage with cooperative news. Every day I'd love to learn about organizations in our broader community.

So. We're starting a "worker cooperative" of sorts to work on medical informatics projects. We're calling it Mechanical Rabbit. Right now, we're focusing only on open source software: github.com/MechanicalRabbit/

The Drivers Cooperative (drivers.coop/) is at the top of Hacker News (news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2) -- I've never seen a platform coop at the top.

So, the signup process for meet.coop is a bit opaque; I've gotten no response from emails; also, the demo version seems a bit unstable starting 9:30 ET. I wonder if there are other providers of BigBlueButton?

It'd be nice to have a community chat server. Right now I'm using Slack and Gitter, depending upon the community. Mozilla is now using Matrix. Perhaps we could band together and fund a social.coop matrix?

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