Pleased to report that @jomc and I are speaking at a free online event hosted by the Internet Archive and Library Futures on Apr 28. We will be discussing her book Lurking, and what happened when "in the 1990's and early aughts, people became users, and users put their trust in a corporation to do the job of a library."

Sociocracy for Cooperatives conference was really well done. Definitely worth checking out.

summary of strategy summits 

Is this super confusing? I just threw our notes from the strategy summits into a visual mind map... but it's not as helpful as i thought it would be...

part of it is the software and not being able to make it look pretty... if that's the only issue i can give it another go with other software but... maybe it's just not meant to be visually laid out like this? Maybe it'd be better as a prezi?

Wow, another really interesting and energizing strategy talk about Social.Coop. Many great ideas and perceptions. Now we have to pull together a summary... good problem to have. 😅

@nicksellen what ebook reader connects with Bluetooth keyboards! I heard Kindles are a no go for this?

👋 I am going to try posting here more — specifically about all the stuff I’ve been looking into regarding cooperatives, governance, and building organizations

"Alignment" is a big topic in management literature -- a business in which everyone is aligned with the mission/vision is more effective. Quantities of literature and countless workshops offer solutions to this problem. But typically profit maximization is assumed to be the fundamental goal (i.e., capital is the organizing principle). This does not serve everyone's interest. So alignment generates antagonism. Cooperative alignment starts with creative maladjustment to profit-maximization.

@dazinism just coming across your post now and seeing that the link is broken -- do you happen to have a copy or know where I can find one?

/cc @anaulin @mike_hales @Matt_Noyes @michaelafisher @Zee @mattcropp @emi @Jon_Envisioneer

[moved from @caseyg to @caseyg, mostly just to consolidate accounts — but, hi!]

Anybody on Scuttlebutt? Is there a pub you're on? (Just joined so no idea how this works yet.)

I'm @Dioy8PPiLbOteNnQFtbazctHJ7fHZ62c0Bg8Cr551GM=.ed25519

@dazinism fixed, thanks! it's a pretty buggy federated wiki install reading group 

Hey all, candidate choices have been randomly selected for our next reading group book.

Rank them here to decide which one we read:

If you'd like to join the group, sign up here:

Realized — after a convo on digital commons, and the energy people put into open source projects — that I wasn't yet backing @Gargron's Patreon

Now I am! 👍 Thanks to everyone who makes and maintains this thing.

To me @davidbollier is one of the most cogent teachers on the commons out there. Hear him interviewed by @thenextsystem:

Last time I played around with Mastodon a few months ago I found it missing a bunch of
critical features...

Returning here to an updated version, it's now easy to pin timelines of hashtags like and make lists of users, so I can imagine I'll be using this a bunch more.

A bit late to joining in, but started reading Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radical yesterday & got up through Ch. 1

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