Help! I need to find a cybernetics university department or something similar to help computer simulate/model a complex organizational design proposal with many internal control algorithms! This is my biggest need (on multiple levels) right now. Does anyone know of any possible leads--particularly if the school is co-op friendly?

Had a great weekend at conference! Thanks @ntnsndr and everyone else who made it a great time!

To accompany @care_save’s essay series “Transmuting the Trumpocalypse,” we are hosting live conversations on 10/26, 11/2, and 11/9 to foster learning, co-operation, and praxis.

Here, we will not be focusing on the essays, nor even really talking about much as about power's multidimensionality.

This event is being produced by our start-up, So come support us and bring your most brilliant selves and...LET’S TRANSMUTE!

Hello folks! So happy to become a part of the community. I'm co-founder of platform co-op and I'm a consultant, educator and facilitator for cooperatives and collectives based in Denver, Colorado, but happy to distance work and travel. I have experience in creative project management, community organizing, and professional writing, among other things. I also contribute to the Colorado Co-ops Study Circle. Please say hi if you'd like to meet me! 👋🏼 🤗

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