@frankpodmore electric buses + spam bus lanes. make driving outright inconvenient compared to public transport in all major conurbations

@nicksellen Local democratic control likely will have a lot of inherent benefits for its members, but that doesn't prevent it from having negative externalities. For that, some degree of external oversight is still needed, but this is the case for just about every kind of organisation anyway and isn't a reason to not organise that way.

@redoak I am concerned for the melon that they had to write this note twice

@deltaidea yeah I've fallen into this trap. it shuts tight, as to go to one of these places on a regular basis you'll probably need your own place. The people letting them out only take payment in the form of the stuff the scammers let you have and many of those people are running the same scam themselves

@rhapsodos @Wolf480pl a: cats are definitely better. I know because that's how they behave.

b: fairly sure the application of machine learning to the problem of animal ranking is a step towards the aipocalypse.

"You think I should farm sheep? No way, sortnet says velociraptors/people are better" (delete as applicable to choose your own sci-fi horror scenario)

@charlag I mean I can't help but feel the "real" answer is having a labour pool of 1 billion people who don't want to starve to death. Nevertheless the results of that labour are indeed quite interesting!

Hottest July day on record and just 0.4C short of the all-time record. Phew!

@dazinism Undoubtedly they believe this to be a massive injustice and that it should have only grown since then

@wxcafe I suppose it's telling that probably the greatest achievement of the web is still, despite its many warts, probably the relatively lo-fi Wikipedia

Facebook: "wait until we force the world's impoverished on to our payment system"

@ben_hr I mean we might have substantially less livable land area but whatever we don't concrete over of what's left over will be really green!


"Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases will not be officially supported by Steam or recommended to our users." Boo.

Reminder that Green Arrow is the libertarian socialist superhero we all need in our lives

@deltaidea there are, at present, four drinking vessels resting upon my desk

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