@deltaidea there are, at present, four drinking vessels resting upon my desk

@deltaidea @django I guess the issue is the very dogmatic interpretation of open source as distributed by the OSI. In particular "no discrimination against fields of endeavour", where a "field of endeavour" could be something very harmful

@datatitian Every time that happens, Bezos probably saved a dollar somehow.

@anaulin massive hierarchy enforced with the stick of being killed for dissent and the carrot of well... carrots, I'd assume, for the peasantry.

@realmaxkeeble Robotnik is just sephiroth after two decades with a desk job

@neil e.g. the national grid being nationalised because it's something everyone in the country relies on is good social ownership. Nationalising your local bus service would mean actually those who are involved with it would have only a very slim degree of ownership of it, so that's bad. Co-op ownership or maybe municipalisation (co-municipalisation across councils?) would be more appropriate or a better example of social ownership. I want a more descriptive word than social. representational?

@neil I actually prefer the model proposed by go-op.coop where a railway would be owned between passengers and workers. But yes municipalisation is also an important part of the debate. I wish there were a term which was a catch all for all these kinds of things (including public ownership). Maybe social ownership. And then something is better social ownership the closer the people who rely on it (either for use or work) are to owning it.

@frankpodmore encasing yourself in about 2 tons of steel to move around possibly not the most efficient thing in the world

I can make a living off tricking people into watching videos where I tell racist jokes & show them ads from big companies but setting up a community garden to feed my neighbourhood will leave me penniless and evicted.
Surely, we are living in the best socio-economic system possible

Go-op bids for forward-thinking co-operative run railways in the UK 🚄 bit.ly/2Tg9K92

@J12t serialised a number object of some kind? What's in the file?

@GuerillaOntologist @mattcropp although as a Brit myself, I kind of want to drop the hyphen in all instances purely because it's not on my phone's keyboard's default screen


I find this very interesting. Here George Orwell complains about the UK media as being self-censoring and overly centralised in ownership - far from needing government intervention the industry simply decides that certain topics "won't do" (the example in this case being criticism of Stalin during WW2) for discussion and those who step outside of this agreement are silenced (presumably with a swift reduction in column inches rather than by other means)

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp I think the shareholder analogy makes a lot of sense, but it might make sense to have a private, single owner company as another point of reference or whatever.

probably worth making sure that people are aware that there can be different classes of shares - like many VC firms do 'B' class shares with greater voting rights. but I'd just talk about that rather than clutter the slide up with it

@dajbelshaw although arguably this is only a problem for open access networks. Like a decentralised system of mutually economically balanced parties might be both a useful application of a trustless network and relatively tolerant to these attacks, although this all requires degrees of centralisation and trust to administer - which isn't great for trustless, decentralised networks.

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